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Q: How many items can be carried on ALB bags?





How to take care of your lovely bag

How to take care of your lovely bag
How to take care of your lovely bag

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Before clean up your bag, you should know what your bag is made of because there are many kinds of material and fabric which are received taking care differently. Thus, you can take care your bag correctly.


ALB bag is made of 100% canvas and has lining inside of the bag. Color of the bag does not come off easily, and is not faded when washing because we use color seals. For the best way use this bag for long time, you should avoid rain or something that make it wet. This bag cannot washed by machines and should not wring because your bag will lose their shape. However, It is very easy to take off the mess aroud your bag. If it has some little stains, you can rubbed the stain off with a wet rag and dry in open air. In case of large stains, you can wash it by hand and dry in open air, but you should use minimal amount of water.